Saturday, June 6, 2009

One layout for 6 challenges!!!

There's so much going on this weekend that I'm trying to combine as many challenges as possible. I fit in a whopping six challenges (well, one challenge three times) for the following page

Alecia's Random Layout Challenge #4 at Two Spotted Dogs ~ sketch from the Triple the Sketch Blog ~~~ Scrapdango - L.O.A.D. June 5th challenge to use 5 things ~~~ My Sketch World - {Pre Crop} Bingo Challenge ~~~ MSW - {Pre-Crop} 100 Item is the challenge that I did three times since I used 12 items, each time you use 4 items it counts as a completed challenge.

You really should check out some of the fun going on at these sites.


  1. Wow Angele that is so cool to cover so many challenges with one layout. I will have to try this too!! Great leyout by the way!

  2. This is my favorite of your Disney layouts. Just love the pictures and the papers.

  3. oh my gosh girl you rocked it!!!! and love all the photos!!!!