Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Journaling Tips

Thought that this was some great info included in this morning's Making Memories e-mail:

Wendy Sue Anderson is the queen of journaling. Just a visit to her blog and you'll see the creativity that pours from her fingertips. We asked her to share her top five tips for creating meaningful journaling on any project.

1. Keep it Real: "Don't just write a lot of fluff to take up space. If you don't have anything to say, then let the page speak for itself!"

2. Use Your Blog: Your blog, your Facebook updates, even your Twitter posts can be a great source of journaling material!

3. Keep a Notebook: "I have one section for my son, and one for my daughter. When they say something cute, or when I just want to remember what they were doing on a certain day, I just jot it down."

4. Write by Hand: "I'm a big fan of handwritten journaling. My grandmother just passed away and I treasure anything she wrote by hand."

5. Make Lists! "Everything can become a list. Favorite memories, favorite restaurants, places visited. Just make it a simple list and your journaling is done!"
Have a really great day everyone!!!


  1. Great tips! Journalling really does scare me - I am trying to incorporate it more on my LO's


  2. Journaling scares me too, hehe, great tips indeed!!

  3. Great tips. I had this email too and have taken note. I am not very good with journaling!

  4. I don't journal as much as I should....great tips!