Monday, April 13, 2009

Recipe Challenge – posted at Two Spotted Dogs

Wanted to share this challenge that is currently going on at Two Spotted Dogs.

I had a few challenges for my friends to use at the Scrap Fest that we just attended this past weekend, and thought I’d share one with you girls. Recipe Challenge – FEST

F – use "F" in the title
E – use eyelets
S – use at least one star
T – have tearing

Please have your layout posted in the thread at Two Spotted Dogs by midnight on Sunday April 20th. After that date I’ll do a random drawing for a little goodie.

Editing the post to show my layout that I did


  1. Angele Love your site girl. Thanks for the Fun challenge I loved doing it

  2. YEAH ANGELE!!!!! love that you got your blog up and going!!! wooo hoo... and great challenge too, glad I got to it

  3. Love your challenge Angele, and still holding out hope to get it done!!

    The blog is looking GREAT my friend!!

  4. This is so great and I would like to bet that that ice cream was delicious.